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You can find out the basics about Edinboro Presbyterian here. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


What Time does worship begin?

Worship begins at 11:00 AM.  (Summer months: June, July, August: Worship begins at 10:00AM.)

You can find sermons from past services here.

What can I expect during worship?

You will be given a program (bulletin) that will help guide you through our primarily traditional service. We are blessed with a talented vocal choir, a bell choir, a life-long organist/pianist, a couple of guitarists, and a variety of other musicians (both kids and adults) who find ways to share their talents on various occasions. Although many of us choose to wear a name tag; if you visit us, you will not be singled out during worship as a visitor or be asked to wear one. You’ll find a wide range of dress.  Some folks wear coats and ties, others are more casual.

Is there childcare during worship?

Yes, childcare is provided for those under age 5 in the fellowship hall in the south end of the building. However, we encourage families to feel comfortable bringing their children into worship with them as this is how children learn best to be lifelong Christian worshipers: seeing their parents worship.  

What kinds of disability assistance is there?

The church is accessible to wheelchairs via the north entrance and there are a couple handicap parking spaces available at this entrance.  Assisted listening devices are available; just ask an usher.

What does it mean to be Presbyterian?

Check out this great video that will give you an introduction:

When and how is the lord's supper (Eucharist) celebrated?

We usually celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month.  In the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), all persons who trust in the Lord are welcome at the Lord’s Table.  Sometimes, communion is served by by “intinction,” an ancient Christian method in which congregants walk up to the front of the Sanctuary, receive a piece of bread, dip it into the wine (grape juice), place it into their mouths, and then return to their seats.  Persons with mobility challenges can have the bread and juice brought to them. Other times, communion is distributed to all seated in the congregation. Gluten-free bread is always available.

Children of any age are welcome to receive communion.

how does one become a member of edinboro pres?

The only requirement for membership at Edinboro Presbyterian Church is a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  In the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), persons may enter into active church membership in one of the following ways (Book of Order, G-1.0303):

  • By public profession of faith, made after careful examination by the session in the meaning and responsibilities of membership; if not already baptized, the person making profession of faith shall be baptized;
  • By certificate of transfer, when a person is a member of another Christian church at the time of transfer;
  • By reaffirmation of faith, for persons previously baptized in the name of the triune God and having publicly professed their faith.

what is required of members?

Membership in the Church of Jesus Christ is a joy and a privilege!  It is also a commitment to participate in Christ’s mission.  A faithful member bears witness to God’s love and grace and promises to be involved responsibly in the ministry of Christ’s Church.  Such involvement includes:

  • proclaiming the good news in word and deed,
  • taking part in the common life and worship of a congregation,
  • lifting one another up in prayer, mutual concern, and active support,
  • studying Scripture and the issues of Christian faith and life,
  • supporting the ministry of the church through the giving of money, time, and talents,
  • demonstrating a new quality of life within and through the church,
  • responding to God’s activity in the world through service to others,
  • living responsibly in the personal, family, vocational, political, cultural, and social relationships of life,
  • working in the world for peace, justice, freedom, and human fulfillment,
  • participating in the governing responsibilities of the church,
  • and reviewing and evaluating regularly the integrity of one’s membership, and considering ways in which one’s participation in the worship and service of the church may be increased and made more meaningful. (Book of Order, G-1.0304)

We hope this has piqued your interest, and we'll see you in worship this Sunday.

This enthusiastic program just shows what a community can do when it combines its assets and everyone works together for a common cause.
(In regards to the Garden of Edin, Edinboro Newspaper)
— Allen Montgomery, Edinboro Resident

What Happens at Edinboro Presbyterian

  • Christian Education for All Ages
  • Vocal and Bell Choirs
  • Mission Programs
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Men's Group
  • The Garden of Edin
  • Jack and Jill Preschool